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"Running the Sahara" March 15 - 21 at Digiplex Theaters


March 15 – 21

Digiplex Theaters

Most people cannot imagine running a marathon, not to mention two …. in one day.  Running the Saharabreaks all records when three ultra marathoners set a goal to run across six African countries, anticipating two marathons per day, for eighty days ... without a day off.

This powerful and inspirational film captures the unprecedented quest and incredible journey as Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin and Ray Zahab run over 4,300 miles in 111 consecutive days through 6 countries in Africa.  Running the Sahara” chronicles the runners’ journey as they tackle not only the elements, but also unimaginable physical and emotional obstacles.

Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin and Ray Zahab in "Running the Sahara"
Charlie Engle from the United States, Kevin Lin from Taiwan, and Ray Zahab from Canada, have run together in marathons before. But this time is different. This isn't a race. It's a grueling test of will and a chance to accomplish something that no known person has ever achieved. Their perseverance fighting through injury and extreme fatigue to reach their goal changed them forever.

"Running the Sahara" Executive Producer
 and Narrator Matt Damon (center)
The newest in the DigiNext Film series, the feature documentary Running the Sahara” is narrated and executive produced by Academy Award winner Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award winner James Moll.  Audiences will marvel watching the life changing experiences and impact of the runners’ tremendous test of strength and determination as they brave the elements in one
of the most extreme physical environments.

Encounters with the Tuaregs of Niger, the Pyramids of Giza and the solitude of the Tenere Desert abound as they run through Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, and Egypt.  In addition to the expedition’s incredible achievement, the film also chronicles the attention and support that they are bringing to the water crisis in Africa through H2O Africa.

Watch the amazing journey of the runners on their quest, toward the finish line building in great anticipation as to whether this amazing human feat is possible.  Watch their journey become legend in “Running the Sahara” at Digiplex Theaters on March 15 – 21.

March 15 - 21

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