Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Royal Ballet: The Nutcracker Dec. 23, 27 and 30

December 23, 27 and 30th

You’ll never forget your first Nutcracker experience and there’s no better time to see this classic performance by the Royal Ballet Theater than on December 23, 27 and 30 in Digiplex Theaters.

This grand Christmas tradition takes place in a fantastical world and portrays the breathtaking scene unfolding in the living room of Clara Stahlbaum on Christmas Eve. 

The audience is fixated on the magical adventure that occurs in Clara Stahlbaum’s home as she watches her family’s Christmas tree grow to enormous size while life size mice scamper around the room and toy soldiers march towards her toy nutcracker as it springs to life.

Magic unfolds as Clara is transformed into a beautiful princess and the nutcracker into a handsome prince.  Clara and her prince Hans Peter meet and celebrate in a pas de deux, dance for two, before being enveloped in a magical snowstorm. The Nutcracker’s Sugar Plum Fairy dance with the Prince is world renown.

Russian composer Tchaikovsky based his famous musical score for the Arabian Dance on a Georgian lullaby that transforms the audience back in time to a beautiful fantasyland.  The glorious acts that unfold reveal a sense of magic and mystery that make Peter Wright’s classic production at the Royal Ballet an essential part of Christmas for everyone.
 At Digiplex Theaters December 23, 27 and 30.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ballet In Cinema: The Nutcracker

Ballet in Cinema: The Nutcracker 
(Bolshoi Ballet)
December 16 - 20

The Nutcracker (Bolshoi Ballet)
A classic holiday tradition for many years, The Nutcracker ballet is a magical performance loved by children and adults alike.  Written during the classical period of ballet, The Nutcracker Ballet takes place in Western Europe in the 1800’s on Christmas Eve but the story is as crazy as it is convincing. 

Based on the fairytale The Nutcracker and the King of Mice, The Nutcracker’s enchanting costumes and incredible setting at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater feature one of the most famous pas de deux, dance for two, in ballet.  The Nutcracker’s Sugar Plum Fairy dance with the Prince is world renown.

Slip away into the Land of Sweets with the Prince and Clara as the Sugar Plum Fairy treats them to a celebration of dances.  Clara and her prince are entertained by several dance performances in The Nutcracker that portray different nationalities.

In the Land of Sweets, each dance represents a delicacy that was unique to that part of the world.  For example, Tea was the Chinese Dance and Coffee was the Arabian Dance.  To further enhance the visual experience, each dancer’s costume resembled the “sweets” from their country.  Unlike today, foreign delicacies were very rare when the ballet was created.

The Nutcracker captures all the magic, joy and mystery of Christmas.  Better than a present, the enchanting costumes and incredible setting at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater, the Nutcracker at the Bolshoi Ballet is not to be missed this holiday season. Don’t miss this great holiday classic playing at your local Digiplex starting on Sunday Dec. 16 through Thursday, Dec. 20.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Feature of the Week: The Standbys December 7 - 13

Aléna Watters in The Standbys
BIG NEWS!  The Standbys is coming to theaters December 7 - 13!

Peek backstage as three aspiring actors prepare for the chance of a lifetime….to take over the lead in a Broadway show as a standby.  Every year thousands of aspiring actors audition for Broadway each year, waiting for their big break into the spotlight, few ever make it on stage.  Some of the lucky hopefuls get the chance to work as standbys or understudies. 

Being ready to give a fantastic performance at a moment’s notice….will your big chance come to play the lead role on Broadway? 

Witness the never-before-heard stories of famous actors who began their careers as standbys and understudies.

Bebe Neuwirth, who started acting as an understudy comments, “It’s a very complicated job to be an understudy…you have to be ready to give a fantastic performance at a moment’s notice.”   

The Standbys chronicles the lives of the three actors, Ben Crawford, Merwin Foard and Aléna Watters, as they wait for their big break.  Watch what happens when these three Broadway hopefuls finally get their call to go on stage…..

No one wants to be an understudy or a standby forever.  Imagine every day you prepare, working tirelessly for a role that you probably will not ever get to play.  Waiting in the wings, backstage, watching the lead perform the role, a role you know that you are destined to play.  But will your chance come? 

Ben Crawford as Shrek
Challenging and frustrating, these roles can help an actor land a lead role on Broadway.  Many famous actors in todays top Broadway shows, movies and on popular television series began as standbys and understudies.  

Did you know that Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele of “Glee” were standbys before they hit it big? These are just some of the many performers who launched their careers as understudies, swings, and standbys:

Bernadette Peters: Tony award winner and one of the most well known Broadway actresses, she began her career as a standby in the 1967 play, “The Girls in the Freudian Slip” and has been in more than 20 plays and 30 movies.

Bebe Neuwirth: is best known for her roles in “Frasier” and “Cheers,” but Bebe started her career as a standby in “Sweet Charity.”  The Tony Award winner also went on to star in “Chicago” and “The Addams Family” on Broadway.

Taye Diggs: best known for his roles in movies such as “How Stella Got Her Grove” and the Broadway hit “Rent” began his career as an understudy in “Carousel.”

Lea Michele: its hard to believe that an understudy for the character Gavroche in “Les Miserable” could evolve into the lead in Broadway’s “Spring Awakening” and the role of Rachel on “Glee.” 

Matthew Morrison: before he hit it big in his role as Will Schuester on Fox’s “Glee,” Matthew Morrison was an understudy on Broadway, which led to his roles in “Hairspray” and “South Pacific.”

Trivia?  Understudies perform on stage regularly, standbys only perform when a lead actor can’t and spend most of their time back stage waiting.

Check out the official trailer:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Tarantino XX: Reservoir Dogs 20th Anniversary Event Pulp Fiction Event

Reservoir Dogs 20th Anniversary Event
Tuesday, December 4

The classic independent film about a jewelry heist gone wrong transformed part-time actor and aspiring screenwriter Quentin Tarantino overnight into one of the most prolific film directors of all time.

In 1992, Quentin Tarantino stunned audiences when he burst onto the scene and redefined modern cinema with the groundbreaking debut of Reservoir Dogs.  Twenty years later, Digiplex helps celebrate the milestone anniversary of this career-launching crime-thriller by bringing Reservoir Dogs 20th Anniversary Event to the big screen.

Join us in celebrating 20 years of a legendary career as Reservoir Dogs, comes back to movie theaters for One Night Only on Tuesday, December 4 at 7pm (Eastern time)

Pulp Fiction Event
Thursday, December 6

Nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture, Pulp Fiction, portrays Los Angeles mobsters, a mysterious briefcase and small-minded criminals in this black comedy that combines humor and violence.  Two years after the groundbreaking debut of Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino unveiled his masterpiece, Pulp Fiction and solidified his place among the greatest filmmakers in modern cinema.  Tarantino received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the movie.

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis and Rosanna Arquette, the film revived the career of one of its leading men, John Travolta.  Travolta received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of a small town criminal in the blockbuster film that is recognized as one of the best of all time.

In addition to bringing Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece back to the big screen, the event will feature exclusive interviews and original trailers, handpicked from Tarantino's personal collection, that have influenced his work. Join us in celebrating 20 years of a legendary career as Pulp Fiction comes back to movie theaters for One-Night-Only on Thursday, December 6 at 7:00pm (Eastern Time)

Monday, November 19, 2012

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Bon Jovi Inside Out Concert

One Night Only November 27

Your front row seat to Bon Jovi’s latest concert tour

Watch the iconic band up close and personal as they rock it out on stage in their hottest performance ever.   Featuring a hand-selected set list from their catalog of hits, BON JOVI includes the legendary band's best performances from their sold-out, 12-night stand in London's O2, the inaugural multi-night run at New Meadowlands Stadium and their celebratory shows at the famed Madison Square Garden.

In addition, this not-to-be-missed event will feature band members Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres in a LIVE broadcast from Times Square, in which they will answer fan questions and discuss their upcoming 2013 Tour and highly anticipated new studio album to be released this spring.

Split-screen footage will provide a unique view of the band performing this dream set list, creating a unique concert experience.  Experience this legendary band from the front row, center stage at a Digiplex Theater near you one night only on November 27th and get your advance tickets HERE.

With 15 albums and 130 million records worldwide, Bon Jovi has performed more than 2,700 concerts.  After founding the group in 1983, lead singer Jon Bon Jovi has become an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. The group is beloved by 35 million fans worldwide and has won numerous awards including an American Music Award, Grammy Award, VHI Award and MTV Video Music Award.

Monday, November 12, 2012

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit

Saturday, November 17 Live at 10:00pm ET.

One-Night-Only Saturday 11/17/12
Experience the intensity from your own front row seat during the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s blockbuster fight to crown the UFC Welterweight Champion.  See the action live, as one of the most popular Canadian athletes undefeated for the past four years, Georges St-Pierre, takes on Carlos Condit, who has won 13 of his last 14 fights and whose favorite technique is ‘knees to the jaw’.

The undisputed UFC® welterweight champion will be crowned when Georges St-Pierre looks to extend his five-year, nine-fight winning streak against interim titleholder, "The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit. After an injury sidelined St-Pierre for nearly a year, Condit claimed the interim title by defeating Nick Diaz this past February. Now, the two will battle it out on St-Pierre's home turf to determine the world's best 170-pound fighter.

Georges St-Pierre:
 Georges “Rush” St-Pierre (22-2-0) has been the two-time UFC® Welterweight Champion for 5 years and previously held the TKO Canadian Welterweight title. GSP remains one of the biggest names in UFC®. St-Pierre’s past and thriving record includes wins over former UFC champions Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck and smashing Jake Shields’ 15-fight winning streak. His record and reputation precede him as he looks to defend his career title after a yearlong injury in the town that built him. 

Carlos Condit:
Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit (28-5-0) captured the interim welterweight title last February after defeating Nick Diaz and looks to solidify his hold on the championship in the upcoming fight against Georges St-Pierre. A former WEC welterweight champ, Condit has demonstrated the ability and dedication to make a lasting mark in the UFC® as he continues to thrill fight fans in The Octagon.

 Check out the trailer below: