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Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" at Digiplex Theaters March 24 & 25

Charles Dickens’“Great Expectations”

Digiplex Theaters

March 24 & 25

“Great Expectations,” one of the most popular Charles Dickens classics comes to life on the big screen making theater history from London’s Vaudeville Theater.  Since its original publication 150 years ago, “Great Expectations,” has been portrayed in film, TV and musicals, but this is the first full-length play from London’s West End. 

Written by one of the greatest and most prolific writers, this top-notch performance of “Great Expectations” celebrates Dickens’ epic storytelling and larger than life characters in the first ever stage adaptation in London.

The lavish and spectacular theatrical show brings some of the most memorable characters ever created to life.  Pip, the orphan and the film’s protagonist, the beautiful, chilling Estella, the terrifying convict Magwitch, who changes Pip’s life, the manipulative lawyer Jaggers, and the tragic, mysterious Miss Havisham, the wealthy spinster who lives a life of seclusion following the loss of her love.
"Great Expectations" at Digiplex Theaters 

This top-notch performance of “Great Expectations” provides a dramatic portrayal of Pip’s growth and personal development.  Pip, with his ‘great expectations,’ feels guilt for a crime he committed at an early age and lives in fear of being arrested.  In addition to crime, the film also depicts ambition, social class and the importance of social advancement in the class system of Victorian England.

Audiences will become completely immersed in the intensity of the characters’ affection, loyalty and conscience.  Although Pip is an idealist, his desire for self-improvement and his ambitions for advancement in life motivate him to have “great expectations” about his future.  In true Dickens’s style, Great Expectations’ classic characters reflect the events of the time in this outstanding and evocative production.  See it at Digiplex Theaters March 24 and 25th!

Digiplex Theaters
March 24 & 25

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