Thursday, February 28, 2013

"An Evening with Cystal Pite" Nederlands Dans Theater March 3 and 5th at Digiplex Theaters

 March 3 and 5  

Audiences are treated to a stunning performance from a rising star in the dance world, Crystal Pite, the Vancouver based performer and choreographer whose fluid, organic and poetic style shines in this rich innovative dance performance. 

A master storyteller, Pite allows the audience to interpret its own story line from her ballet, putting viewers in the dancers’ shoes as they contemplate love, loss and conflict translated through intense dance movements.

Through the integration of powerful movement, music and rich visual design, Pite’s work prompts the audience to reflect upon their own lives.  Her innovative dance approach is renowned for integrating thrilling and highly structured movements into the music, text and rich visual design. 

Both of the works by Crystal Pite  and the Nederlands Dans Theater deal in abstract themes and are centered on the theme of the Frontier, the border between reality and the unknown. 

Nederlands Dans Theater
"An Evening with Crystal Pite"
This engaging performance features the stunning intensity of dancers’ hyper articulated bodies attached to one another, as they move with astonishing ease. The first half of the performance looks inward, towards the frontiers of what we know about the human mind.

The second ballet looks outward to the border of the universe and explores the dark and mysterious forces that form our world. The precise and sinewy movements of the dancers make them appear to be suspended by gravity, dangling between what we know and do not know about the mind and the universe. 

Crystal Pite’s signature work fuses this distinct and complex choreography with classical elements for a truly unique performance.  Presenting life as an epic tale, Pite strives to reflect the body’s role in providing the illustrative shape of love, conflict and loss in this ballet.

Join us at Digiplex Theaters for the Nederlands Dans Theater “A Evening with Crystal Pite” on March 3 and 5th.

March 3 and 5th at Digiplex Theaters

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 904: Shadow on the Sunshine State

February 22 – 28

Gun violence is the focus. Jacksonville, Florida - area code 904 - is the location and the Sunshine State's murder capital.  The real-life story of Jacksonville’s epidemic tide of violence, The 904 shares the stories of victims, including a star NFL player gunned down in a hail of bullets, as well as the search for solutions. 

With the unfortunate distinction as the murder capital of Florida for the past 10 years, Jacksonville is a city plagued by violent crime with a homicide rate consistently topping metropolitan areas including Miami, Orlando and Tampa.  This award-winning documentary explores the complex reasons for crime and sounds a call for grassroots support of anti-crime and intervention efforts.  
Among the personal stories featured, the film visits former NFL Jacksonville Jaguar, Richard Collier, paralyzed after being shot 14 times during a night out, and another fellow Jaguar Tony Boselli, sponsor of Youth Life Learning Centers which provides a haven from urban streets and guides kids on a path to making better life choices.   
"The 904: Shadow on the Sunshine State"
The 904 also tells Beverly McClain’s story, the Jacksonville mother who lost her only son Andre to a still-unknown killer.  In her darkest hour, she has made it her life’s mission to help others cope and heal with the Families of Slain Children organization she founded.
Executive Producer Melissa Ross was inspired to make The 904 after being asked to serve on “The Jacksonville Journey,” an anti-crime initiative with city leaders working to respond to the city’s crime epidemic.  Contributing to the city’s high crime rate are long-standing racial inequalities, historic socioeconomic factors, and educational challenges.
Awarded "Best Audience Film" at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville, The 904 was the 2011 Suncoast Emmy winning film and the 2010 recipient of the prestigious Don Davis Film Finishing Fund Award via Film Florida.
Don’t miss the real story behind Jacksonville’s crime epidemic in this award-winning documentary exclusively at Digiplex Theaters.

February 22 – 28

"The 904: Shadow on the Sunshine State" 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Oscar Shorts: Documentary February 10

                  Oscar Shorts: Documentary
February 10

This year’s short documentary films nominated for the Oscars are overflowing with compelling stories of loss, isolation, struggle and hope in the 2013 Oscar Shorts: Documentary.

As a tribute to women undergoing chemotherapy, sisters Cynthia and Rachel open their beauty salon free of charge once a month in “Mondays at Racine.”  The film portrays the painful toll of cancer and captures the invaluable emotional support the women receive as they rediscover their beauty at the salon, asking the question, “When your life is at stake, why is losing your hair so hard?

“Inocente” is the inspirational story of a charismatic homeless 15-year immigrant who is an aspiring artist.  With maturity that belies her age and circumstances, she tells her story directly into the camera determined to prove herself and succeed despite her bleak situation.

Watch over the course of a decade, as five senior citizens in a Florida retirement community find themselves struggling with isolation, illness and loss in “King’s Point.”  “Gertie, could you fall in love again?...” asks one of the seniors as another laments, “its no good to be alone.”

 “Redemption” looks into the hidden lives behind the streets of New York City ‘canners' who survive collecting cans and bottles from recycling bins and trash and redeem them for money.

“Open Heart” is a somber look into the journey of Rwandan children with serious heart disease who travel to Sudan for treatment.  An important human rights documentary, the film portrays the dire circumstances these children face against all odds.

In addition to the poignant and gripping 2013 Oscar Shorts: Documentary films, Digiplex will also feature the exciting line-up of 2013 Oscar Shorts: Animated and Live Action Films on February 8 and 9th

2013 Oscar Shorts: Animated films on February 8 at Digiplex are “Adam and Dog,” “Fresh Guacamole,”  “Head over Heels,” "The Longest Daycare" and “Paperman.”   

2013 Oscar Shorts: Live Action films on February 9 at Digiplex include “Asad,” “Buzkashi Boys,” “Curfew” and  “Death of a Shadow Henry.” 

2013 Oscar Shorts: Documentary Sunday, February 10
2013 Oscar Shorts: Animated    Friday, February 8
2013 Oscar Shorts: Live Action       Saturday, February 9

At select Digiplex Theaters