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The Sleeping Beauty January 13 & 15

The Sleeping Beauty
Royal Ballet
January 13 & 15

If you love classical ballet complete with fairy tale themes, lavish decors, and stunning choreography, The Sleeping Beauty will captivate you.  A Fairytale ballet with a Tchaikovsky score that has delighted audiences for over a hundred years, The Sleeping Beauty is the pinnacle of classical ballet with Petipa's choreography. 

Based on the original fairy tale by Charles Perrault, The Sleeping Beauty first premiered at the Imperial Mariinsky Theater in St Petersburg in 1890 and is Tchaikovsky's longest ballet.     Starring Lauren Cuthbertson & Sergei Polunin, today’s Sleeping Beauty not only captures the essence of the original but is also the cornerstone of The Royal Ballet's repertoire.

Featuring every step in the ballet syllabus and probably the greatest ballerina role in Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty is rich in many different ballet styles choreographically.  Its authentic court dances, classical ballet technique, mimed scenes and grand processions represent the best of classical ballet.
The Sleeping Beauty
Complete with a handsome prince, a beautiful princess and a magical kiss, The Sleeping Beauty tells the story of Princess Aurora whom the evil fairy Carabosse curses.
Angry at not being invited to baby Aurora’s christening, Carabosse curses the princess to die when she pricks her finger. Luckily a  good fairy intervenes, leaving Aurora to sleep for 100 years only to be awoken by the kiss of a handsome, brave prince. 
Though mainly thought of as a love story, The Sleeping Beauty is also a struggle between the two conflicting forces of good and evil, represented by the good Lilac Fairy and the evil fairy Carabosse.
From Petipa's 1890 original to De Valois' 1946 production, The Sleeping Beauty is viewed as a definitive statement and inspiration for the next generation of choreographers.  

Ideal for classical music fans that want to experience Tchaikovsky’s vision of the story, young budding ballerinas looking for inspiration, and even first timers, The Sleeping Beauty is a classic for all ages.

Don't miss The Sleeping Beauty at Digiplex Theaters on January 13 & 15th. 

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