Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nederlands Dans Theater "An Evening with León and Lightfoot" Feb. 3 and 5th

Digiplex Theaters
February 3 and 5th

One of the most prominent and groundbreaking contemporary dance companies in the world, Nederlands Dans Theater’s “An Evening with León and Lightfoot” is powerful and transformative. This  innovative performance is playing exclusively at Digiplex Theaters on February 3 and 5th.

Considered “the most balletic modern dancers,” the dance company showcases the characteristic style of Spanish-British choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot and takes audiences on a journey to their artistic universe through the performance.

Continuously challenging the boundaries of dance, the Nederlands Dans Theater breaks new ground with León and Lightfoot’s choreography in the humorous SH-Boom, a version never before performed in the Netherlands which plays out the battle between the sexes.

Nederlands Dans Theater 
A glimpse into the love lives of several characters, Shoot the Moon provides a rare narrative creating character roles with the dancers.  Accompanied by Glass’s beautiful music, the melodies embrace the dancers and captures their sharp, electric sequences.

Shoot the Moon’s intense variety of emotions and dance steps are beautifully represented as the dancers’ muted facial expressions cry out to express their crisis. León and Lightfoot achieve their goal to make the audience feel compassion for the dancers' agony.

The innovative and groundbreaking performances are Sol León and Paul Lightfoot’s signature and the reason why the Nederlands Dans Theater is one of the most prominent contemporary dance companies in the world. 

Experience the transformative performance in León and Lightfoot’s artistic universe with “An Evening with León and Lightfoot” on February 3 and 5th exclusively at Digiplex Theaters.

Nederlands Dan Theater "An Evening with Leon and Lightfoot"    February 3 and 5th 
 at Digiplex Theaters


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