Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Miracle is coming to Digiplex Destinations Theaters on December 6

A Miracle in Spanish Harlem
December 6 at Digiplex Destinations Theaters

Kate Del Castillo stars in A Miracle in Spanish Harlem at Digiples
In the heart of this Christmas season, DigiNext is pleased to announce the release of its first feature length dramatic film, A Miracle in Spanish Harlem. It’s a family-friendly movie about love, faith and redemption. The movie has a Latin flavor, but its subject matter is universal. 

A Miracle in Spanish Harlem features international TV star Kate Del Castillo (Weeds, CSI: Miami, La Reina del Sur) in her first major English speaking cinematic lead role. Daughter of Mexican cinema legend, Eric del Castillo, Kate is cast as the beautiful love interest of a young widower, Tito, played by Luis Antonio Ramos (Steven Spielberg’s new series - Lucky 7, Burn Notice, Nip/Tuck).

Left to care for two young daughters – Amanda played by Fatima Ptacek (voice of Dora the Explorer, The Rebound, Curfew, Body of Proof) and Samantha played by Brianna Gonzalez-Bonacci (her cinema debut, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black), Tito has struggled with the loss of a wife, the loss of hope and the loss of his faith. 

Blind to the devotion of his family, he is consumed by the pressures of caring for his children and trying to keep a failing business above water. Tito’s growing bitterness about his bleak circumstances overshadows the best parts of his character and drive him to actions that will add disgrace to his woes (and a very public dressing-down by journalist Geraldo Rivera). Without a friend left on earth, nothing short of a miracle can relieve Tito’s crushing and solitary burdens. However, miracles have been known to happen…

A Miracle in Spanish Harlem has been compared to the holiday classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, with a storyline that will engage audiences with laughter, tears and circumstances of human relationships that everyone can relate to. While the film is unrated, it contains no crude humor, profanity, nudity, sexual scenes or depictions of drug use. Some emotionally charged language may go beyond polite conversation, but are common everyday expressions.

Watch a behind the scenes commentary by Kate Del Castillo about her experiences while making A Miracle in Spanish Harlem by following this link to YouTube:

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