Thursday, August 22, 2013

The United States of Football - A Must See For All Parents at Digiplex

Film heralded by players and fans - 
Breaks a sports documentary release record

A father with insider access asks, “Should I let my kid play?”
A must-see for all parents with kids in sports.

A compelling documentary and in-depth cultural examination of the game of football, America’s favorite pastime, from pee wee’s to the pros and the risks and long term dangers. "The United States of Football" could become the most controversial and watched expose in sports.

The movie follows Sean Pamphilon – a father, football fan and filmmaker – as he struggles with the question, “Should I let my kid play?”  Pamphilon, is the Emmy and Peabody-winning filmmaker who rocked the sports world and made public the infamous Bountygate tapes.

With insider access to coaches, players and healthcare professionals, Pamphilon’s film documents a dark side of the game – increasing incidence of brain damage, dementia and slow death resulting from repetitive head trauma among professional athletes. The United States of Football takes an intimate first-hand look into the lives of players – once vigorous men with everything to live for, as they lose their minds, their functions and their lives. MRI’s, autopsies and medical research leave little doubt that Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a risk for many athletes.

The United States of Football ends in pain and hope - some football legends wither away leaving angry and grieving families; others bravely continue fighting to reform football. Since it all started with kids, The United States of Football examines football coaching and training from Pee Wees to the pros and looks at the steps that can be taken to protect players and ensure both the excitement and integrity of football.
Kyle Turley in "The United States of Football"

The United States of Football is a must see for all who care about football and every parent wondering, "Should my kid play?"  Featuring Bob Costas, Mike Ditka, Kyle Turley, Jim Brown, John Mackey, Chris Henry,  Kurt Warner, Ralph Wenzel, Frank Deford, Justin Strzeiczyk, Malcolm Gladwell and James Harrison.

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