Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'DigiNext':Partnership Bringing New In-Venue Film Festival to Digiplex Circuit

Hello DigiFriends!  We have some big surprises coming up this fall of 2012. One of them is our new partnership with Nehst, which is an innovative digital content financier, developer, producer and distributor.
The DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival is a unique theatrical exhibition program that pairs multimedia company Nehst Out with Digiplex Destinations, a fast growing state of the art digital theatrical exhibitor.

A breakthrough for filmmakers and consumers, the In-Venue Film Festival is re-creating the film festival experience in local theaters and will showcase high-end American independents, and award winning foreign language films from the top 20 film festivals around the world.  

As part of an enhanced movie-going experience, films in the series will include live and Skyped Q&A sessions with filmmakers as well as celebrity appearances and gift bags for attendees.

DigiNext is committed to providing opportunities for filmmakers without previous distribution a chance to reach the consumer. Conversely, the In-Venue Film Festival offers consumers access to highly praised but underexposed films without having to attend film festivals all over the world.

Nehst co-founder and Chairman, Larry Meistrich originated this concept with the successful and critically acclaimed “Shooting Gallery Film Series at Lowes Cineplex Entertainment” which was responsible for such breakout hits as “Croupier” and “Judy Berlin.”

 Stay tuned to learn more about DigiNext by visiting our website

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