Thursday, February 16, 2012

Save The Performing Arts: Your Digiplex Theaters to the Rescue

If you are a movie buff  and you go to the movies at least twice a month? You must have noticed that several movie theaters are incorporating alternative content events to their regular Hollywood movie showtimes. Movie theaters that have been converted into digital now have the advantage of playing live broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera, Ballet in Cinema, TheNational Theatre Live, and so much more. Therefore, they are attracting different types of audiences that perhaps, are too far away from watching the performance live at the venue or just cannot afford the tickets and would rather pay an average of $12 to $25 to watch it at their local theater.
Many performing arts organizations are broadcasting their productions to movie theaters around the globe and making good profit by selling tickets, subscriptions and selling CDs or DVDs of the performances, etc. By doing this, movie theaters are also increasing their week-day ticket sales, since most of the live performances (except for the Live Met) and encores happen during the week.

'Manon' Encore playing on 4/25/12
The advantages of watching these shows on the big screen rather than Live at the actual venue? Well, First of all, this is a great alternative for people who have a hard time with the logistics of planning to go to the live performance- could be schedules, commuting, etc. Second of all, for those who cannot simply afford the tickets and finally for those who want to watch a Live event that is happening in a different city or country around the world. This is a great solution.

Thanks to digital cinema conversion, our Digiplex Cranford and Rialto theaters in Cranford and Westfield respectively are playing one or more alternative content events each week. By doing this, patrons are leaving their couches to go and grab a bite to eat at their local restaurant (increasing sales for local businesses) and heading to the theater to watch a live performance of their preference. Imagine going to watch The Met: Live in HD encore presentation of ‘Manon’ with a loved one after a nice and quiet dinner. You can grab a cup of coffee or tea and some sweets at the concession stand and watch the performance…while wearing your jeans and comfy shoes.

Check out the Digiplex Destinations website and Special Events tab to discover what is playing at your local Cranford and Rialto theaters.

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